• Providing a good quality of life

    We assist thousands of people in The RNBT Family with our aim of giving them a better quality of life. The RNBT is always very grateful to receive any donations from organisations and members of the public, whatever the amount. Every donation we receive goes towards making someone's life easier.

  • Helping you at times of need

    The main business of the RNBT has always been Grants to Individuals - financial assistance - to help members of The RNBT Family in difficulty. The circumstances must normally involve 'necessity or distress' (in the words of our Royal Charter) and the possibilities are almost endless.

  • Caring for our residents

    Our highest priority at Pembroke House is the care of our residents. To look after them we have a very well qualified, conscientious and friendly staff, who maintain excellent standards which are consistently noted at regular inspections of the home.

  • Supporting the RNBT Family

    Men and women in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines serve their country, often at times of national crisis and danger. The RNBT exists to serve them and their families, by providing support at times of need, throughout their lives.

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Our history

Our history

From a small nucleus the RNBT has grown into a major naval charity which now spends over £4 million each year to help past and present sailors, Royal Marines and their dependants.