The Trust takes every possible opportunity to engage with our beneficiaries and their families by attending events across the country. As we are unable to visit every area on a regular basis we also publish matters of local or national interest in the press and other media.

RNBT, Castaway House, George Osborne

30 January 2015

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne visits Castaway House

Castaway House welcomed The Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Right Honourable George Osborne MP this morning.


Pembroke House, Sphere, Globe, RNBT

26 January 2015

The Earth moved for residents and staff at Pembroke House

There was an audible sigh of relief when the 2.25 tonne granite globe and its base were safely craned into position at Pembroke House.


06 January 2015

RNBT Grant Committee Member, John Herring publishes his naval memoirs

Grant Committee member John Herring has recently published his naval service memoirs, The Herring Fleet is available to buy through the Events and Publicity Officer at RNBT.


RNBT, Laura Grant, Pembroke House

08 December 2014

Pembroke House Activities Coordinator Laura Grant set for a 'Challenge for Charity'

5 Hours of grueling grading...A mile run and a mere 1000 punches and 1000 kicks and all for raising funds for RNBT, oh and to achieve a Black Belt in Kickboxing.



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