Many charities and organisations help The RNBT Family in a wide variety of ways.

A small part of our budget

The RNBT concentrates mainly on giving help direct to individuals who are in need, so grants via other organisations are a small part of our budget. In total, they amount to about £80,000 each year directed at about a dozen organisations.

Grant linked to numbers assisted

Organisations, especially smaller ones, which assist members of The RNBT Family, are the most likely to be selected to receive a Grant. The maximum amount is seldom more than £5,000 and is always targetted at individual members of The RNBT Family.

Most of our grants via other organisations are based on the number of members of The RNBT Family helped by the organisation during the year. For example, we support hospices in Portsmouth and Plymouth areas with a flat rate grant for each member of The RNBT Family who is cared for by the hospice, up to a maximum sum.

Most organisations selected annually

The main group of organisations to be assisted is approved at the May trustee meeting when the budget for the year is set. However, applications will be considered throughout the year subject to budget availability.

How to apply

For the annual selection, applications should be submitted to the RNBT by 30 December. The case for assistance should be set out in a letter accompanied by the organisations Annual Report and Accounts for the previous year and budgets for the current year and forthcoming year (if available). Other applications may be made at any time.

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