A fundamental characteristic of the RNBT is that the majority of trustees and other volunteer members are serving and ex-serving RN ratings and RM other ranks. This dates back to principles established in 1916 when the Grand Fleet Fund, the forerunner of the RNBT, was founded by Admiral Lord Jellicoe.

A charity with a Royal Charter

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust was incorporated under Royal Charter granted on the 2nd May 1922 and is registered with the Charity Commission (number 206243). The Charter has been updated over the years with the latest amendments approved by Her Majesty the Queen at a meeting of Her Privy Council held on 11 November 2015. 


The Trust is honoured to have as its Patron His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales KG KT GCB OM.

Vice Patron

The Trust appoints a Vice Patron from time to time and at present it is: Mr John Thompson MBE BEM, who has been associated with the Trust since October 1985 and was Vice President and Honorary Treasurer from 1994 to 2009.


The governing body of the RNBT is known as the Central Committee and its members are the trustees of the charity. The Chairman of the Trust chairs the Central Committee and its members are the Vice President (also the Honorary Treasurer), the Admiralty Governor, the Senior Serving Officer Trustee, the Specialist Trustees and the Ordinary Member Trustees. The Central Committee meets three times per annum and its work is informed by two standing sub-committees - the Finance & General Purpose, and the Care of Older People who between them address the detail of the Trust's work putting up resolutions for the Central Committee's consideration.

The President

The President is a retired senior officer appointed by the Central Committee; Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery took up post in October 2013.

The Vice President and Honorary Treasurer

This post is always filled from the body of Ordinary Member Trustees; Mr Jim Moulson MBE, (Former WO1 Royal Navy) was voted into post September 2016.

The Chairman

The Chairman of the Trust is a retired senior officer who is elected into post by the Central Committee; Captain Nick Fletcher Royal Navy was voted into post October 2016.

Senior Officer Trustees

In addition to the Chairman there are two other Senior Officer Trustees, one carries the title "Admiralty Govenor" and, as with the Chairman, is a retired senior officer who is elected into post by the Central Committee and the other is a senior serving officer. Both are volunteers who join the Central Committee by virtue of their competence and interest in the work of the Trust.

Specialist Trustees

Good governance requires that the trustee body comprise an appropriate cross section of Skills. The Trust has three such specialists offering skill-sets in Finance and Investment, legal and management and care of older people.

Legal Matters and Care of Older People. As with all the trustees, they are all volunteers who have a genuine interest in the work of the Trust.

Ordinary Members

There are up to ten Ordinary Member Trustees who are serving or former RN ratings or RM other ranks all of who serve a three year term that is renewable subject to being re-elected.


The Trust employs a staff led by the Chief Executive, Commander Rob Bosshardt Royal Navy.

The headquarters staff operates from Castaway House (Portsmouth) and they deal with grants administration, finance, public relations and the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Trust. The staff of the Trust's care and nursing home, Pembroke House (Gillingham), come under the Home Manager, Mrs Tarnia Harrison RGN Dip BSc, who is in turn responsible to the Chief Executive.

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