How we raise funds

How we raise funds

We obtain funding from several sources but the main income streams are from block grants from naval fundraising charities, donations, legacies, investment income and fees from Pembroke House and our Alms-house.

Grants from organisations

Several Naval charities have been substantial long-term sponsors:

  • Greenwich Hospital (, link opens in new window)
  • Royal Naval and Royal Marines Charity (, link opens in new window)
  • Queen Mary's Roehampton Trust

Donations from organisations and individuals

It is very gratifying that our good works are recognised by organisations and individuals (mostly with Naval connections) and that they, in turn, provide us with valuable resources, they are too numerous to mention here but available to view in the List of donors and in our reports from previous years


Legacies left by those who remember the RNBT in their wills are another valued source of income. See Donations and legacies/Leaving a legacy.

Care home and Alms-house

Income from our care home and alms-house is used to finance their respective operations. See Care home and housing/Pembroke House.

Investment income

The Trust's investments provide a regular income that is used mostly to provide assistance to our beneficiaries. It is unfortunate that in years when we do not receive sufficient grants and income from investments, some of our capital has to be used to fund our welfare spending.

As the RN and RM Charity have the main responsibility for fundraising on behalf of all Naval charities, the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust does not directly fundraise on its own behalf, although considerable effort is put into raising the profile of the Trust and advertising its works.

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